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Manuka Honey Face Mask with Pink Clay and Maca Powder

The perfect Manuka Honey face Mask

Self care is important for both mental and physical well-being, and it can mean different things to different people! As your skin is the largest organ in your body, using 100% natural ingredients is something that can help to keep both your skin and body balanced.

We've combined pink clay powder - renowned for its purifying properties, maca powder with high levels of vitamin C for revitalised skin, and Manuka honey to create a stimulating and moisturizing mask with natural skin supporting properties.

Enjoy with your favourite candle, some home made bath salts and a bunch of wildflowers, follow up with a rich face cream and you've got yourself an indulgent treat, perfect for 100% natural, at-home self care.⁠



1 tbsp pink clay powder (can be sourced at your natural wholefoods store)⁠
1 tbsp Maca powder⁠
1 tbsp high strength Manuka Honey (we recommend anything UMF20+ and above for optimal skin support)⁠


Combine the Maca powder and pink clay powder


Stir thoroughly to ensure the powders are mixed through.


Mix through the Manuka honey and stir into a thick paste.


Apply to face and let the mask start to do its work.. Why not jump into a beautiful warm bath while you wait? After 20 minutes (this mask won't dry out like most clay masks because of the Manuka Honey) rinse off the mask and apply your favourite rich night cream.


Happy days!

The Steens Team

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