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It All Began with a rescue!

But unlike most knights in shining armour, this guy was on a pushbike and the damsel in distress had a flat tyre. He was a butcher, she was a teacher and he thought she was a honey and so the story begins... 

Living on New Zealand’s beautiful coastline the newlyweds were young and full of dreams. Bees captured their imagination and their burgeoning career in beekeeping began. Butcher in residence was no longer, Sheryl continued teaching so they could eat. 

Soon after buying their first 3 beehives their company began to grow wings - literally millions of them. They were growing at a rapid rate and so was the family - now six! Looking back they were challenging but exciting times.

Then in the 1980’s, Dr Peter Molan at the University of Waikato revealed the unique properties of Manuka honey.

Steens focused on this incredible honey, they were one of the founding beekeepers of the AMHA (Active Manuka Honey Association) now known as the UMF association. 36 years later Steens continues to play a critical role in the industry.

It was their passion for bees and their endeavour for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that was the beginning of Steens. This belief still drives their business, it was this conviction that lead them to keep their honey, raw and in it’s pure purest form.

They wanted to give their family the very best honey that nature provided and they wanted to share that with everyone. Paul & Sheryl were dis-hearted to see inferior honey being labelled as Manuka. 

So they set out to develop a unique wholecomb™ extraction system 

which is a modern take on the traditional honey press, a handcrafted honey where the natural properties were retained. 

 ‘It’s just like dipping your finger into the honeycomb.'