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Manuka Honey Beauty Masks to try

Manuka Honey for Hair: Benefits, Care, & More

Manuka honey is such amazing stuff - designed by nature as a food source for bees, it has been known to have antibacterial and humectant properties which are also great for our skin.

Properties in the honey mean it can combat the bacteria that binds to irritated skin, aiding healing. It also helps to reduce the appearance of spots and blemishes and can add moisture back in to dry skin. 

And best of all it’s multifunctional. What other product can take you from cleanse to moisturise – and sweeten your tea?

Made with ingredients you are likely to already have in your fridge or pantry, try one of these masks at home to deal with various skin complaints today. 


The spot clearing mask

Manuka honey has been used by Maori people for centuries as a soothing balm for sore skin, and beauty aficionados credit Manuka with spot-soothing properties.

Honey is credited as a humectant, (humectants help bind moisture to the skin), so expect skin to feel softer, too.

  • Apply a thin, even layer of Manuka to affected areas 
  • Leave for 30 mins 
  • Gently rinse off 


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