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The benefits of Manuka Honey with Antibiotics


Manuka Honey has been used for many years as a natural supplement for supporting your health and wellbeing. This incredible liquid has been researched in many scientific labs for its unique properties, mainly for its antimicrobial activity.

In recent studies, it has been proven to have yet another vital reason to have a pot of this in your bathroom cupboard. Our little bees really are creating the gift that keeps on giving!  In this article it is stated that Manuka Honey can be the perfect teammate to assist your course of antibiotics to help fight off your infection.



Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem seen in many different types of bacteria. Studies have shown that over an extended amount of time on antibiotics, your body can develop a resistance to your prescribed medication which can slow down your healing and negatively affect your recovery. For this reason, it has become more and more necessary for researchers to find other options to assist.

Medicinal Manuka Honey contains a high level of sugar content, acidity and the presence of methylglyoxal, which can create an environment where bacteria struggles to survive. Therefore, this makes Manuka Honey a safe option to add to your diet to help reduce and eliminate bacterial activity.

In short, antibiotics are designed to target one type of bacteria, and if the bacteria in your body has developed a resistance to that antibiotic, it will remove some, but not all of the bacteria. Once your course of antibiotics are finished, if there is some bacteria left in your body, it will continue to grow. This is why sometimes you hold onto a niggly cough or infection that just won't go away. Manuka Honey is not targeting just one bacteria, so it can assist your antibiotic to kill all of the unwanted bacteria.


Manuka Honey for skin infections

External use of Manuka Honey has been used for treating skin infections for many years. With its antibacterial properties, it has been proven to be effective to use as a substitute to other creams which contain a large number of additives. It can be as easy as cleaning the affected area, smearing your High Strength Honey on your infection, cover it cover with a thin gauze or plaster, and let the honey do the rest. You can read more about the benefits of honey for your skin here.


So, in a nutshell, Manuka Honey is a natural and safe option to fight off those infections that just won't go away. Grab yourself a pot of our Targeted Range to keep in your medicine cabinet and bring this out and take a spoonful daily to help fight your infection. 

Once your infection is clear, you can switch over to our Daily Range to have as a daily dose of goodness to help keep on top of your wellness so you can live a more happy and comfortable life.


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