100% raw and unpasteurized

New zealand raw Mānuka honey benefits

Thanks to its rare and unique antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Mānuka Honey is packed with benefits for wound and skin support, digestive support and oral care, right through to daily immunity support and using as a refined sugar replacement.



Steens Raw Mānuka Honey contains up to 15 times more bee bread and bee pollen than any other leading Mānuka Honey Brand.

The Bio-available bee pollen (also known as bee-bread) in Steens Raw Manuka Honey is full of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitmains and minerals, and is readily available to your body, unlike many straight pollen supplements.


glyphosate free

umf certified raw manuka honey

Steens Monofloral Manuka Honey is all harvested in New Zealand and carries the UMF Association certification. All our honey is tested and certified as Glyphosate Free. Recent studies have found that 100% of the honey harvested from outside New Zealand is not genuine Manuka Honey, so it is important to do your research and purchase from a trusted brand.


raw & unpasteurized

know the difference

We believe the best way to enjoy the benefits of raw manuka honey is by keeping it as close as possible to how nature created it. Our patented method of extracting the honey from the comb means we don't need to heat the honey or use fine filters. This provides a deliciously rich, textural honey, with up to 15 times more naturally occurring bio-available bee bread, pollen and wax particles and allows melt-in-your-mouth honey crystals to form.


equal practices

ethical beekeeping

We work closely with our land partners to ensure relatinships are fair and ethical. All our hives are regularly checked to ensure the health of the hive and the bees, and our bee swarms flourish year after year. In winter months, when the bees are hibernating, we ensure they are well fed, and can get the rest htey need at the end of their peak season of gathering pollen and nectar from the New Zealand Flora.


our journey

to sustainability

With the earth and nature being such an important focus for us as part of our ethos, we have a huge focus on keeping things natural, sustainable and ethical. Our packaging is made from recycled, recyclable materials, and we work hard to collaborate with eco-friendly logistics partners. Honey is a renewable resource, and because we own our own hives, we are incredibly careful when it comes to nurturing our bees and working towards a zero waste cycle.


authentic & PURE

umf certified honey

Every batch of our honey is tested for authenticity using strict NZ Government standards, and certified for purity under the UMF and MGO testing standards. Our honey is also:

Certified Glyphosate Free
Certified Non-GMO
100% natural
Antibiotic free
Preservative free
No added sugar


our experience

40 years of beekeeping

We are the beekeepers, the harvesters, the bottlers, the designers, the doers, the thinkers and everything in-between. We don't buy our honey, we nurture our bees while they create it. All our honey is bottled and labeled in New Zealand. It all started with Paul and Sheryl Steens' love for bees, natural resources and of course, raw honey. With 40 years of beekeeping under their belts, Paul and Sheryl are still just as much in love with their bees as they were the day they got their first hive.


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