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We want to feature people like you who truly embody our passion for being the best version of yourselves. It starts by feeding your body and mind the very best that nature can provide, and continues with self care, a love of nature, and a desire to make a difference. 

We make the most delicious, nutrient rich, raw honey, by retaining all the natural aromas, flavours and textures, from one of the worlds most amazingly clever creatures - bees. We know the value of living a healthy, values driven life that celebrates and nurtures the natural world we live in, and we celebrate the naturally medicinal benefits of ingredients that heal and nurture us - enabling a fulfilling life of health, vitality and joy. 

We will be sending approved influencers an initial sample pack worth nearly $30!  

Our UMF10+ is a high strength Manuka, perfect for daily immunity. If we love what you do with it, we’ll send you more raw Manuka in a variety of strengths for different purposes. 


In addition, we are beginning to feature our influencers in our email newsletters as well as social posts and blog articles in the global food and health blog space. We want to help you grow awareness of your personal brand in the natural health and lifestyle space around the world! 


      • 1x 250g jar of UMF10+ Steens Manuka Honey

      • Features in internal and external blogs

      • Inclusions in emails to global databases

      • Content shared in posts and stories to global followers


You will receive additional Manuka in various UMF and MGO ratings, and be part of global features and promotions throughout the year, along with Steens goodie packs in return for specific content. 

show us how you enjoy it!

This is your chance to show us what you can do with our Daily Range UMF10+ Manuka Honey! If we love what you do, we’ll send you more pure Manuka form our Anytime and Targeted ranges.  

 Manuka honey is a rare variety of honey, sought after around the world for its healing properties. 

 Amazing in cooking, baking, eating by the spoonful, applying to skin or just eating when you need an immunity shot!  

You’re already a role model for people in every stage and seem to share our passion for living a healthy, values driven life that celebrates and nurtures the natural world we live in. 

The team at Steens® is proud to invite you to be a part of our group of outstanding ambassadors. You have a strong voice and aren’t afraid to use it! 

As a Steens Ambassador we want to know what YOU think about Steens! We want to hear your take on our real, Raw New Zealand Honey. 

In short, we want to know why you would shout out for your followers to #experiencesteens in a few very quick videos and photos. We’ll then share some of these videos and photos in our emails, blog posts and social media. 


You Could Be Our Next Ambassador If...


We’re looking for inspiring, passionate natural lifestyle advocates. 

As a family-run business that was grown on Social Media, we recognize the value of all types of  

Ambassadors with both large and intimate followings.  

Think this might be for you? You could be our next Ambassador if... 

You have an engaged following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or another social media platform, or if you just really love taking beautiful photos of natural food, lifestyle, health and beauty inspiration. 

 You’d love to be the “face” and “voice” of Steens to our following of 50,000+ engaged followers. 

 Sound like you? Great, we’d love to hear from you! Apply below! 

We’ll be accepting applications for new Influencers all year long! You can get started by filling out all the details below. We’ll reach out to you if we feel it’s a good fit. 

Where are you shipping your Honey to?


Where are you shipping your Honey to?