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We love working with people who are passionate about natural wellness, because we know how Manuka has enriched so any people’s lives and we want as many people as possible to feel the wellness it can bring.  

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Find the best honey for you, by looking through our ranges - Steens® Anytime Range, Steens® Daily Range and our MD endorsed Steens® Targeted Range. 

Read our blog for recipe ideas straight from Sheryl Steens kitchen and more info on the benefits of Raw Manuka honey. 

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As a Steens® Ambassador, we already know that you love natural health and holistic wellness, because that’s what we’re all about. For some people, Manuka Honey is part of a daily routine that allows them to live the life they really want to, but may not be able to without special dietary supplements. Raw Manuka is the ultimate supplement to support immunity and wellness, an incredible naturally exfoliating and hydrating facemask, a healing wound balm, and the perfect alternative to processed sugar because of the amazing natural properties it holds, that come straight from the beehive. 


We love seeing how you incorporate our Manuka Honey into your day – whether it’s in a smoothie, a cup of tea, a delicious recipe, or a face mask, so get sharing – photos, videos, experiences – we love it all! And don’t forget to use the hashtags above! We can’t wait to share your thoughts and ideas with our global team of raw honey and health lovers. 

We all know that honey is delicious in recipes, on cereal, and in cups of tea.. But there are so many things to learn about Manuka Honey- from its benefits, to how you can use it best. 

You need to keep the temperature of the honey below 40 degrees to keep all the live properties active?  

Read the blog post on making the perfect cup of tea here.

You can use honey in sweet AND savoury recipes?   

Find some recipe inspiration here.

Manuka has natural properties that assist your body with digestive support, sinus support, and skin support for things like acne, eczema, wounds and infections?  

Read more from Doctor Maggie, MD and auto-immune disease specialist.

You can trace every jar of Steens back to the region where it was harvested?  

Visit our honey tracker page and enter the unique code on your jar of Steens!

We have different Manuka honey for different health goals? 

Steens® Anytime Range

for cooking and baking 

Steens® Daily Range

for Immunity Support 

Steens® Targeted Range

for Optimal digestive, skin and sinus support, recommended by Doctor Maggie Yu, MD.  

Read more about the ranges here.

I need more honey!

Once you’ve discovered the incredibly diverse benefits Manuka Honey has, you’ll find yourself using it in almost every situation, every day! We offer our lovely ambassadors quarterly allocations of Manuka, along with sending out special packs for any promotions we’re running, but if you’ve run out and need a top up, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do! 

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We love seeing YOU with our product.. It’s easy for us to photograph our jars, but the special secret ingredient we can get from you is your lovely face!  

Or you can show us how you use it on your skin! Manuka is perfect for an exfoliating, moisturising face mask, or for healing wounds. 


Delicious healthy recipes like smoothie bowls, oats, smoothies and baking are the perfect way to show off the flavour of Raw Manuka. @lu_lubakes created an incredible soaked oat breakfast bowl with caramelised bananas and fresh strawberries. 


And if you have any innovative new ways of using honey, we’d love to see them! @keto-abg created a Manuka honey gummy recipe. 

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