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As part of our Targeted Range, UMF 24+ is ideal for digestive, skin, wound and oral support.

Endorsed by Dr. Maggie

Dr. Maggie Yu, MD. recommends our Targeted Range of Manuka Honey to her patients as part of her auto-immune disease management program.

'I believe all sugar should be replaced with unrefined sweeteners, and the amazing thing about Manuka is its natural antibacterial, antifungal and probiotic properties which speed up the wound healing process.'

- Dr. Maggie Yu, MD

Why UMF 24+?

Full of Natural Properties

Harvested raw with no fine filters means the bio-available bee bread, pollen & wax particles arrive in your jar, straight from the hive.

Supports healing

The levels of methylglyoxal in UMF 24+ are higher than almost all other Manuka on the market, meaning more support.

Guaranteed Genuine

Our Manuka honey is independently tested and certified to be 100% pure, genuine Manuka honey from New Zealand.

Raw Manuka Benefits

There are a handful of different grades of manuka honey, and it is essential to select manuka honey that is Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) certified. A UMF certification guarantees the purity and quality of your manuka honey. When trying to decide what grade of manuka honey to choose for your condition, it is always an excellent option to go for a high strength grade, to begin with — UMF 20+ at a minimum — and as your gut starts to feel better, you can reduce the activity. We recommend a spoonful of UMF 15+ grade manuka honey daily for maintenance.  

Sheryl Steens recalls ‘A while back my husband, Paul, was diagnosed with H. Pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. I sympathize hugely with him as the discomfort he experiences day and night is horrid. However, the great news is that he has avoided antibiotics and kept the stomach ulcers at bay with his daily manuka honey intake. He takes little spoonfuls of manuka honey throughout the day and night as required, and his gut certainly lets him know when he needs it. As a result, he has seen incredible improvement in his health, and it is beyond remarkable that he can now get a good night's sleep without constantly being woken up from gut pain.’  


"I consider Manuka Honey a serious bio-hack. I'm a functional medicine doctor. So what I do is specialize in looking at all the natural tools that work, especially if its data supported".

- Dr. Maggie Yu

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