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Honey Cream Cheese Butter Board with Rosemary & Pomegranate

Butter boards are an easy, tasty and beautiful way to serve your favourite charcuterie in a stylish way. Blended cream cheese and butter make up the base, and you can mix up the toppings as you like to suit your guest’s palette. A crusty loaf of bread, or seeded crackers pair well with these simple delights, with a drizzle of honey, pesto, pomegranate syrup or balsamic glaze over the top to add extra flavour. 

Our butter board combines the freshness of pomegranate with the rich combination of cream cheese and butter, with a sprinkling of roasted pine nuts, pomegranate jewels, rosemary and sweet Manuka honey.

Both Manuka Honey and pomegranate are high in antioxidants and provide sweetness to otherwise savoury ingredients, creating a sophisticated starter to serve with Christmas cocktails, mulled wine or champagne. Try serving this fresh butter board with our melon burrata toast with prosciutto, and our whipped feta dip with dukkah. The flavours are explosive, and they’re all very easy to make snacks, starters or nibbles with drinks.

If you do try this dish, share with us on Instagram by using the handle @steensmanukahoney! We love to see how your creations look, and we often receive photos from people who have taken our recipe and edited it slightly in presentation or flavour to suit their event, or tastes.

We really hope you love this one as much as we did – its almost like an edible painting, and so much fun to make.

The Steens Team x



• 1 stick of Lightly salted butter

• 100g of Cream cheese 

• 1 pomegranate (you can also use cranberries)

• Fresh rosemary leaves 

Manuka honey 

• Pine nuts, roasted or fresh.

• Salt 

• Bread or crackers 

Add the cream cheese and butter into a bowl and mix together until they are blended with no chunks of butter left. It should be a light and fluffy consistency.

You may need to pop the butter in the microwave or have it sitting out beforehand to let it soften, making it easier to get a smooth and spreadable mixture.

Use the back of a spoon or a knife to spread your butter mixture on your board. You can cover the entire board, or leave room for your dipping bread / crackers, Sprinkle it with flaky sea salt or kosher salt.

Now it's time for decorating! We've sprinkled roasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, and fresh rosemary to give it beautiful Christmas colours and flavours. And of course, drizzled sweet Manuka honey to top it all off. Our squeezy bottles are amazing for getting the perfect drizzle! 

Add toasted bread or your favourite crackers on the side and let everyone dig in!

Happy holidays x

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