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Paul and I started Steens Honey nearly 40 years ago, and we're still just as passionate about our bees as we always were. I love using our deliciously raw, grainy honey to create recipes with ingredients fresh from our garden in Papamoa Hills. 

What a great feeling when you make something so simple and it’s virtually eaten before your eyes because of its deliciousness. 

Carob is a great change from chocolate, it made fame in the ‘80’s…yes I was that ‘Carob Hippie,’ drinking it, cooking with it and loving its natural sweetness.

I really wanted this slice to have a nice light, crunchy texture and rice bubbles were the obvious choice but when I went to purchase them…of course I looked at the ingredients panel and the first happened to be sugar so that was a big NO!  I circled the supermarket a little stumped but not beat, knowing there had to be a solution.  It took a while before I spied upon the packets of organic puffed, rice wafers and the only ingredient was brown rice.  They worked a treat, I used four in this recipe, they crumbled up super easily and you could add more if you fancied.  They were the perfect hack!

You could sub. all the carob for cacao but I’d add more honey as carob has a natural sweetness of its own and cacao is naturally more bitter or alternatively you could just use cacao.  A variety of nuts, dried fruit or coconut would all be great additions to change it up too.  Store in the fridge or the freezer, the latter being my choice.  Makes around 12 slices.

It really is a decadent little slice that is a family favorite and happy days to its healthy, hearty goodness.  

Happy, Healthy Eating.

Sheryl 💛



½ cup coconut oil (melted)

¼ cup nut butter (I used peanut)

¼ carob powder (its usually lumpy so sifting is good)

1 tbsp 100% raw cocoa

2 tbsp Raw Manuka Honey (any strength is great as the recipe is raw so high strength is beneficial)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Pinch salt

½ cup hazelnuts (or any nuts of choice)

1tsp instant coffee (optional)

4 brown rice cakes broken up and crumbled (these are a great replacement hack for cereal that’s loaded with sugar)



Mix all ingredients together and press firmly into a pan lined with lightly greased baking paper. 



Refrigerate for one hour, or until firm, then slice into squares.



Or keep it in the freezer and eat it from there.. So darned good - Paul couldn't stop eating it!



Happy days!


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