Founders Story: How Mānuka Honey fits into our daily lives

Whilst most people know honey as a delicious toast topping, the majority of people are unaware of the incredible wellness benefits of Manuka Honey, or the multitude of ways in which it can be used to enhance everyday life.

When Paul and Sheryl Steens started Steens Honey over 40 years ago, they too were unaware of exactly how many beneficial uses Manuka Honey had. Their passion for natural foods brought them to invent a new way of extracting Raw Manuka Honey to ensure they were only giving their family the very best from nature, but it was only once they had bought their first few beehives that they started to research the wonders of this incredible substance, brought to them by their bees.

These days of course, they have so much experience and knowledge of the beautiful raw honey they harvest that they use it every day for various different reasons. Of course they have their favourite strength, which they would never be without, and for them it is UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey. Not only do they enjoy it each day with breakfast, but it is also consumed daily by Paul for his stomach discomfort.

'Hard to beat our 20+ and 15+ comes in a close second. We eat it daily at breakfast time. Paul has a dodgy gut and uses a tsp throughout the day and at night as needed.'

With a very sensitive digestive system, Paul was diagnosed a few years ago with H Pylori. His doctor prescribed him with antibiotics which is a very standard response to this bacterial infection but Paul was determined to beat it without harsh medications. He researched thoroughly how he could remedy his infection naturally, and in the end Manuka Honey, with a combination of probiotics and liquorice root powder (among other things) became his daily tonic. When he was due for his check up with his specialist  they were both surprised to find that the H. Pylori had completely disappeared and his gut was no longer inflamed. These days, Steens® Manuka Honey is Paul’s go-to when his stomach is unhappy and he hasn’t had a reoccurrence of H. Pylori since then.

Of course, there is a lot of scientific research that has been done around Manuka Honey for wounds. In one group of patients who had painful bedsores that refused to go away with conventional medicine, a doctor tried applying Manuka Honey as a dressing. Within a few days, the wounds that had refused to heal, showed signs of reduced redness and aggravation and within a few weeks after constant application of Manuka Honey were 99% healed. Not surprisingly, Paul and Sheryl also use Manuka Honey to support in wound healing at home.

‘We use the 20+ for all skin ailments, from minor scratches to gnarly infections. It has incredible healing qualities, debrides wounds and the grandkids will come running in needing a plaster and without exception will ask us to put honey on it.’

As well as supporting the healing of wounds and infections, Manuka Honey can help to both support the immune system thanks to its robust antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and to support throat, sinus and lung issues through an illness. Studies have found that Manuka Honey contains qualities that can help to reverse antibiotic resistance – a phenomenon that is becoming more and more prevalent as bugs become resistant to drugs used more and more frequently. Studies have also shown that Manuka Honey can help with lung support, can aid in lessening inflammation in sinuses, and because of its sticky coating and antibacterial properties, can also support a scratchy throat and cough. When it comes to antioxidant, mineral and vitamin levels, Steens Raw Manuka Honey has been proven to have up to fifteen times more pollen and bee bread particles that contain these essential powerhouse nutrients, so it is no surprise that Paul and Sheryl use theirs when they feel a cold or flu coming on.

‘It’s our go to for sore throats and in warming herbal teas when poorly.’

As well as its health benefits, it has a delicious taste! Sheryl uses UMF 20+ whenever she is creating raw sweet treats, and uses Manuka Honey when cooking and baking too.  

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, Manuka honey can also be used on skin, for acne, to cleanse and exfoliate, and not only that but Steens UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey has been scientifically proven to have anti-aging effects when used regularly thanks to its natural properties supporting the skin in retaining its hyaluronic acid levels. 

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