How to use honey for burns


How To Use Manuka Honey for Burns

The use of raw manuka honey stretches far beyond a traditional addition to a smoothie or spruced-up breakfast meal. Native to New Zealand, studies have also proven that manuka honey is an excellent and effective home remedy for minor burns and the prevention of scars. Studies have shown that honey contains ingredients that provide antibacterial benefits which fight infection.

Using manuka honey for burns can aid the healing process and give your skin the antibacterial boost it needs for a speedy recovery. Applying raw unpasteurized manuka honey can provide more support to your skin than heat-treated honey as it retains all the beneficial enzyme properties.


Is Manuka Honey Good for Burns?

Accidental small burns can be a usual occurrence outside or around the house. Treating a burn early can go a long way towards a successful and healthy recovery, and using manuka honey is a great natural alternative to traditional methods.

Here’s how it works...

How Manuka Honey Helps Burns

The supportive antibacterial properties of manuka honey contribute to the healing process. This natural antibacterial activity found in manuka honey differentiates itself from normal honey. University research, most notably a 2018 study from the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute, Ulster University in Northern Ireland, agrees that regular honey is not as suited to treating maladies when compared to manuka. 

Steens prides itself on producing high-quality manuka honey that retains all of its natural compounds. With a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) Certification, Steens offers various UMF Grade and methylglyoxal level honey. The active ingredient, methylglyoxal, is found in manuka honey, and it contains antibacterial components that contribute to its ability to provide wound-healing benefits. A UMF Grade of 20+ is ideal for a targeted approach to burns and scars. 

We want to note that using manuka honey as a medical solution for severe second or third-degree burns is not suggested. Seeking immediate medical attention is recommended for more severe burns. For minor household burns, scalds, or other first-degree burns, using manuka honey can be an excellent natural home remedy.

Manuka Honey for Burn Wounds

Honey has enzyme properties that provide nutrients to wounds and stimulate the skin to start healing.  "Honey appears to heal partial thickness burns more quickly than conventional treatment (which included polyurethane film, paraffin gauze, soframycin-impregnated gauze, sterile linen and leaving the burns exposed) and infected postoperative wounds more quickly than antiseptics and gauze," states Cochrane, an international non-profit. Using honey instead of traditional treatment methods can be an easy natural remedy to do at home.

Dr. Maggie Yu recommends using raw manuka honey with a UMF rating of UMF20+ or above for optimal skin support.


Manuka Honey for Burns and Scars

Because of manuka honeys' versatility, minor burns or wounds can also provide long-term benefits for reducing scars. Here’s how it works.

Honey for Burn Scars

Despite many claims around scar tissue reduction, there is no evidence to suggest that applying honey to previously burned skin will minimize any scar damage. However, treating the area that has been burnt quickly, running under cold water, and getting onto treatments early can help with the reduction of scarring by supporting the skin in its healing process and therefore reduce scarring once the wound has healed.

Manuka Honey for Sunburns

Who hasn’t spent a fun day in the sun with friends or family and completely forgotten to apply sunscreen? We've all been there and manuka honey can help.

Manuka honey is a natural home remedy that can provide immediate relief to those painful sunburned areas. With components such as amino acids, antioxidants, hydrogen peroxide, and vitamins, honey has incredible wound-healing properties that can help alleviate that unwanted sunburn.

We recommend gently applying a thin layer of manuka honey to the sunburned areas. The honey will help soothe irritated skin and work hard to restore moisture. Re-apply a layer of manuka honey as needed until the skin has fully healed. You will be ready to get back outdoors in no time but hopefully this time with a hat and sunscreen!

How to Treat a Burn with Manuka Honey

Even a slight burn or scald can be excruciating. Keeping a jar of manuka honey in the cupboard is a handy tool to have for those minor household accidents. Whether you touched a hot pan in the oven or spilled hot liquid on yourself, manuka honey can provide some immediate relief.

Start by running the burn area under cold water for at least 10 minutes, the NHS, British Burn Association says a burn should be treated for a full 20 minutes under cool running water— this will help alleviate that initial pain and discomfort. Next, ensure the wound is clean, and then apply manuka honey directly to the entire burn area, making sure to distribute the honey evenly. Lastly, you will want to wrap the burn area with medical-grade dressings or waterproof gauze to protect the injured area, keeping the burn moist and the honey engaged.

A personal experience from a loyal customer, Maureen, describes that using Steens manuka honey has been incredibly useful as a home method in treating her scalded hand. "Not only does it taste great, but it also did a great job when I badly scalded my hand from boiling water. I liberally covered the area with Steens 20+ UMF Manuka honey, put a thin gauze over top, then wrapped it in plastic film wrap to stop the honey leaking out and keep the honey on the burn." She adds, "In half an hour, the pain had eased, and by morning the redness had gone, and the blisters had come to nothing."

We recommend applying a good, even layer to the burned area. Make sure to redress and apply the manuka honey twice a day - in the morning and again at night before bed. 

With Steen's commitment to providing the best quality honey, you can now have a natural home remedy for burns at your fingertips.

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