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Why is our Manuka Honey Grainy? Because it's really raw!

We often have people ask... Why is your honey grainy? The answer to that is easy. Because it's raw! We don't use fine filters, and we don't heat it above the natural temperature of the hive, so it keeps all the good bits in. The grains you see and feel on your tongue are not added sugar - they're naturally occurring honey crystals that come straight from the honeycomb itself. Keep reading to understand why we keep our honey raw and unpasteurized.

The Benefits of Raw Manuka Honey

Bee Bread

Bio-available Pollen Particles

Beeswax and Honey Crystals straight from the comb

Packed with enzymes and amino acids

 Our unique harvesting method enables us to keep the honey raw when extracting from the comb, where some methods of harvesting require heat to ensure the honey is liquid enough to extract from the comb. The grainy consistency of our honey is not due to added sugar, in fact our honey is refined sugar free. It is the natural formation of 'Honey Crystals' created in the hive which don't get melted or filtered out. If you have a liquid or very smooth honey, chances are it has been heated and filtered, which has been shown to destroy critical properties, remove bio-available pollen and wax particles and lessen the support the honey can provide.  

Raw Manuka Honey Properties


A number of research studies have shown that food enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 118°F / 47.7°.ⁱ For this reason that foods cannot be called ‘raw’ where they have been heated to anything above this temperature. But there is more to achieving a ‘raw’ status with honey! Whilst pasteurisation is all about temperature, raw is additionally about maintaining the honey as it exists in the beehive. And to achieve a raw honey fine filters should not be used, as this removes the nutritious bee bread, pollens, enzymes and minerals.



Traditionally, home beekeepers would use a scraper to get the honey from the hive, and they would allow it to drizzle into a container, with everything from the hive included. Spreading honey onto your toast straight from the hive is the most delicious experience and we believe that every time you enjoy Manuka Honey, the taste, texture and rich aromas should replicate this experience. Learn more about our Wholecomb Technology.

This image shows one of our master beekeepers at work, checking the comb in one of our hives around New Zealand. Did you know you can trace your jar of honey back to the region in New Zealand that it came from? Simply use the trace code on the back of your jar and visit our track and trace page

And rest assured, whilst being raw and unpasteurized, our Manuka Honey has been tested for purity and certified by the UMF Association of New Zealand before labeling and sending all around the world to our wonderful Steens customers.


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