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Immunity boosting avocado cacao and and Manuka smoothie bowls

April is International Garden month, and whilst many of us don’t have gardens, we can take advantage of those who have giant ones! Organic avocados are in season this month, and we like to make the most of these superfruits while they’re here because they’re so packed full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and they’re just so creamy! There’s no better kitchen feeling than cutting open a ripe avocado and finding the beautiful soft green flesh that is just the right amount of ripe for spreading on crackers, making a delicious guacamole, or enjoying in smoothies, like this one!  

With the added benefit of cacao, the freshness of spinach (can’t get enough of our leafy greens) and the sweetness of Manuka Honey, these are not only amazing for brekkie but can also be frozen – either in ice block moulds or just in a big container to make a healthy and delicious frozen dessert.  

Make sure you have a wide glass or metal straw for these because they’re super thick and lush! Enjoy x 



1 Avocado 

1 tbsp Cocao Powder 

½ cup Non-Dairy Milk - I use macadamia nut milk or oat milk. But any dairy or non-dairy milk will work. Just be sure it is unsweetened. 

A big handful of Spinach - Baby kale works well too. 

1 tbsp Manuka Honey – use UMF 10+ or UMF 15+ for this recipe, and make sure it’s at room temperature so it doesn’t turn into a big chunk! 

Dash of Vanilla Extract- Vanilla powder works equally as well. 

Approx. 1 cup of Ice Cubes 


1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed 

1 tablespoon of chia seeds 

¼ cup of oats 

2 tablespoons of almond or peanut butter 


¼ cup granola 

Chopped Dates 

Frozen Blueberries 

Sliced Banana 

Pumpkin Seeds 


Cut open the avocado and remove the stone so it’s ready to go. 

Whizz up your ice and set it aside in a bowl – this is so your honey doesn’t turn into a big clump in the mixer! 



Avocado, cacao powder and honey go into the whizz together and blend until well mixed. If you want a super smooth mixture, add in the spinach and vanilla and mix, then add in a little bit of almond milk at a time. 



Lastly, add in the ice and whizz until smooth – pop into your bowl, and decorate with banana slices, frozen blueberries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, granola and chopped dates for a bit of chewiness. And lets be honest, you can pretty much decorate smoothie bowls with pretty much anything so go crazy! 



These are the most delicious decadent weekend breakfast treat and so full of nutrients, antioxidants and immunity boosting goodness it’s not funny. Enjoy every mouthful x 

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