Lemon Honey Ginger Syrup

The change of season brings with it reduced immunity thanks to your body trying to adjust to the changes in temperature, air humidity, different pollens and bugs in the air. The best way to ensure that you are not caught out when the temperatures start to change is to boost immunity naturally throughout the year. To support your immune system on a daily basis can be as easy as consuming the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ of immunity – Raw Manuka Honey, Fresh Lemon and Ginger. This delicious recipe is simple to make, stores for months in the fridge and can be used in so many ways. Our favourite uses for this refined sugar free syrup recipe are:

Immunity boosting warm lemon toddy
Simply take two tablespoons of your syrup and place into a mug. Top with warm water (never boiling, as this will destroy the naturally occurring enzymes, methylglyoxal which has been found to have anti-bacterial properties)
Iced tea for immunity support
Take two tablespoons of your home made lemon honey ginger syrup, dissolve in ¼ cup of warm water – stir until the syrup is dissolved, then fill your glass with ice and top with cold water. Stir through until combined and enjoy through a metal straw.
Natural cough syrup and throat relief
If you’re suffering from a dry couch, a chesty cough or a scratchy or sore throat, take a spoonful of syrup for immediate support.
Whichever way you use it, your immune system will thank you for your on-going support and your taste buds will be dancing. This also makes a beautiful and delicious gift for anyone who has fallen ill with a cold or flu bug,  so get creative with your presentation, and share your beautiful jars with us on Instagram – just tag @steensmanukahoney.
With love and health,
The Steens Team x


Slice lemons into approximately 1/8 inch thick rounds

Slice ginger root into 1/12th inch thick slices and then cut them so they will fit as layers into the jar.

Layer your lemon and ginger slices in jar

Pour raw Manuka Honey over the top until covered

Leave on your bench overnight (if you have the tendency to attract ants in your kitchen then you can leave it in the fridge!)

Once your syrup has been soaking for around 24 hours its ready to enjoy!
Your syrup will last in the fridge for months, thanks to the long life of Manuka Honey. Ensure that your ginger and lemon are fully submerged in honey for the duration, and once you’ve finished your syrup, try popping your honey soaked lemon and ginger pieces in a blender to make a delicious lemon honey ginger cake, or use as a sauce base for a spicy sweet chicken bake.

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