Manuka Honey for Kids

We all know that kids love sweet treats. The problem with feeding them store-bought treats is that they can often be packed full of refined sugars, chemicals, additives and preservatives which we don’t necessarily want our kids to be putting into their little bodies.

After loads of testing (on the Steens Grandkids) we’ve got the top 3 picks of raw honey for your littlies.

We do recommend that you don’t give your babies under 12 months old any raw honey, so these are for 1 year olds and up!

The best honey for kids – Our top 3 Raw Manuka Honey picks. 

MGO 85+ Jars

This is a mild flavoured honey, with the benefits of methylgyoxal. A multifloral Manuka Honey, it is richer in flavour than the usual creamed or liquid honey that you might find in a squeezie or honey bear, but it has so many more benefits. Because it is 100% pure, raw manuka honey, It retains all the bio-available bee bread, pollen and wax particles along with 85mg of methylglyoxal per kg which has been found to have antibacterial properties. Manuka Honey can help to support the immune system – a vital function to support at such a young age while kids build their immune systems. With the inclusion of naturally occurring prebiotics, it can also help to support tummy troubles, and best of all – it tastes delicious! Our MGO 85+ is perfect in baking and cooking if you’re looking to eliminate refined sugar, additives and preservatives from your kids meals, and in a handy 17.7oz (500g) and 12oz (340g) jar size, it’s great to have in the pantry in bulk so you can always have yummy, healthy treats on hand.


Raw NZ Wildflower Honey

Packed in a pretty pink jar, the sweetness of this honey is unrivalled by any other in the Steens Range. With a beautifully perfumed flavour profile, and only a trace of any Manuka flavour, our wildflower honey includes pollen and nectar gathered by our bees from fields of native and non-native wildflowers in specific regions of New Zealand. You can trace any jar of Steens Honey back to the region it was harvested from – also a great thing to do with the kids! (geography lessons anyone?). Wildflower Honey is ideal for baking sweet treats where you want a pure, sweet flavour without the richness of the Manuka Nectar taste. It’s loved by kids thanks to its ultra sweet flavour, and includes all the amazing benefits of raw honey, like bio-available bee bread, pollen and wax particles straight from the hive.


Steens Raw Squeezy Honey

The ultimate natural pancake topper! Instead of reaching for a bottle of squeezy honey that has been processed, heated and filtered, try Steens Raw Manuka Honey in our handy squeezy bottle. Kids love it because they can top their own pancakes, mess-free, and they still get the beautiful sweetness, without the artificial flavours, colours and additives of a sugar based pancake topping. If your little one is a fan of cereal, oats or toast, try getting them to drizzle some Steens squeezy honey on their own breakfast so they can have an interactive breakfast experience. The benefit of the squeezy bottle is the mess-free vent at the bottom of the jar, that stops the honey from dripping as soon as you stop squeezing. Even if the lid isn’t closed, the honey won’t leak out. If you’re looking for the perfect squeezy honey for kids, try Steens MGO 85+ Squeezy Honey or MGO 40+ Squeezy Honey.



Raw Honey Sachets

These little honey packets of cuteness are not only incredible to have on the go for adults, they’re also the perfect little treat to have in your bag to take with you when you’re out with the kids. If they’re in need of a bit of an energy hit, or they’re specifically asking for (or perhaps demanding…) sweet things – just get them to tear open a sachet of MGO 40+ Raw Manuka Honey. These packs of sachets are also traceable to the hive, so if you need to give them something to do, get them to find the region in New Zealand their honey packet came from. Et Voila… A very happy child!

More ways to get kids to eat fruit and vegetables with raw manuka honey

If you’re looking for a way to get fruit, veggies and the benefits of Manuka Honey into the mouths of some reluctant little ones, try Sheryl Steens smoothie pop recipe. With a delicious base of banana and coconut yoghurt, and the sweetness of mango and manuka honey, these nutrient filled ice cream pops are a favourite with the whole Steens family, and you can add any fruits or vegetables you like to make rainbow pops! Try spinach for green, blueberries for purple, or strawberries for pink. Get the recipe here, and don’t forget to top up with raw manuka honey to start supporting your families immunity.




The Steens Team x

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