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3 ingredient Honey Cashew Fudge

Inspired by the delicious Indian treat Kaju Katli, this cashew Manuka Honey Fudge is quick and easy to make, and only requires three ingredients!
Using Manuka Honey as a substitute for sugar creates an almost toffee like texture, and when kept in the fridge it is very reminiscent of a cashew brittle. Rich flavours and a chewy texture make this an incredibly more-ish treat that can be stored for weeks and eaten in place of chewy sweets as a refined sugar free option.
We've used oven-dried rose petals, coconut sugar and a 100% natural silver leaf powder to decorate ours, but anything can be used to prettify this delicacy!


1 cups cashew nuts

1/2 cup manuka honey - we've used our MGO 83+ in this recipe 

1 tbsp coconut oil - use the non-virgin variety to reduce the coconut flavour, or try extra virgin coconut oil if you love coconut!


Fresh rose petals (or dried if you prefer)

A sprinkling of Coconut Sugar

Silver leaf powder


Remove petals from your rose, and rinse thoroughly. Place on an oven tray and dry at 122˙F / 50˙C for 40 minutes. Blitz the cashews in a food processor until powdery. Try not to blend too much as you will heat the natural oils and this will affect the texture and consistency. Around the same consistency as almond meal is perfect.



Add honey to a saucepan and boil on high heat until it forms a firm ball when a droplet is placed into a saucer of water, take off the heat and add ground cashews and coconut oil. Stir thoroughly until combined and mixture is coming away from the sides of the saucepan, to form a dough ball. 



Place the dough on a sheet of wax paper, and another sheet over the top. Roll out the mixture with a rolling pin until around 4mm thick.



With a sharp knife, slice dough into diamonds. Scatter dried rose petals, coconut sugar and silver powder over the top and press lightly on rose petals to ensure they are embedded. Place in the fridge in between sheets of baking paper, and chill for an hour before serving. Best served chilled.



Enjoy straight out of the fridge or serve after dinner with rose hip tea or coffee.


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