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Father's Day Recipe Round Up

Father’s Day is here! If you’re looking for Father’s Day Recipes for a dad who isn’t so big on Father’s Day Gifts, you’re in the right place. Our recipe round-up has been lovingly created for dad’s who love food! If you’re looking for recipes for dinner we’ve got you covered… Recipes for dad’s who love brekkie? We’ve got them covered too. 

From healthy breakfast cookies to tasty, crunchy sourdough with leeks and cheese and sweet, delicious matcha ice cream.  

Lets start with breakfast!

If dad’s a morning person, invite him for brekkie and spoil his taste buds. A cup of hot coffee, tea or a glass of bubbles to accompany always goes down a treat, or you could ad. A little tequila and sugar syrup to his grapefruit juice with our Paloma Cocktail!


Mango, Strawberry and Raw Honey Salad with Semolina Custard

This recipe is actually pretty versatile. Delightfully fresh, sweet and creamy it can be enjoyed just as much for breakfast as it can for dessert, but first thing in the morning it’s the perfect energy hit. 

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Quick and Easy Breakfast Cookies 

For a dad on a health kick, these quick and easy Breakfast cookies are chewy, sweet and perfect with a dollop of yoghurt and some fresh fruit. And even better, you can make them the night before, and make extra to keep in the fridge to send him home with! 

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Magnesium Rich Breakfast SuperBowls 

For a dad with a busy brain, try our superbowls, packed full of magnesium-rich ingredients and crunchy seeds with a creamy yoghurt topping a fresh fruit. Magnesium is known to help with sleep patterns, and you never know – maybe he’ll love it so much it will become part of his new wellness routine! 

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Refined Sugar Free Banana Pancakes 

For something a little more decadent, our sugar free banana pancakes are perfect. With no refined sugar, and a beautiful fluffy texture, these bad boys will fill dads belly and make him feel incredibly spoiled, while keeping him full of rich nutrients. 

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And now for lunch, or perhaps recipes for dinner… 

Our most favourite meals are those that involve a few different pieces with various flavours that can be popped on the table for people to help themselves. Try a combination of these flavoursome dishes for dad this Father’s Day. 

Easy Baked Brie with Manuka & Rosemary 

I mean, who doesn’t love cheese?! And Pastry…. This combo is crazy delicious and with the added sweetness of Manuka Honey, it’s ideal paired with a savoury dish and a salad. 

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Crusty Sourdough with Caramelised Leeks and Manuka Honey 

This delicious loaf is a meal in itself, when paired with the feta and beetroot salad. Top with freshly crushed garlic, olive oil and parsley, with a drizzle of Manuka.

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Roast Beetroot, Manuka and Walnut Salad 

This fresh, citrusy salad with sweet earthy beetroot is incredible with salty fried haloumi and a side of crusty bread. 

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Whipped Feta and Spiced Honey Dip 

Add this to the table with crackers, bread or a as a side, with plate of baked salmon or chicken to elevate your meal. It can be dipped or spread, and looks beautiful in the bowl. 

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And for the dads who love dessert? 

Matcha Manuka Custard Tart with Chocolate Crust 

Make a statement with this emerald tart, which is actually great for either dessert or morning / afternoon tea and can be made the day before, as it is served chilled. 

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Rhubarb, Manuka & Raspberry Galette 

A more traditional take on dessert, the pairing of tangy baked fruit with wholegrain pastry and rich Manuka Honey is best served with vanilla ice cream, custard or a fresh Greek yoghurt. 

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Dark Chocolate, Aquafaba and Raw Honey Mousse 

This rich, dark mousse is the perfect end to a meal, particularly when paired with fresh berries and coconut yoghurt, or a frozen berry coulis. 

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Hopefully you’ve found a recipe that your dad will love, and if you’re looking for a gift for dads who have everything, try getting him a very special jar of raw manuka honey, with properties like no other honey on earth.. all the way from the hard working bees in little New Zealand. 


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