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Best Natural Coffee Recipes

But first, coffee (and cake!)...

How do you enjoy yours? In New Zealand, our most commonly enjoyed coffee is a flat white – an espresso roast with a tiny amount of creamy frothy milk poured through to perfection. We are a nation of self proclaimed coffee connoisseurs, and if you’re driving through the tiniest of towns there will always be a little café serving freshly roasted coffee from a barista coffee machine. Some like plunger, some love Americano on ice, and some love a decaf latte with coconut milk – if you haven’t tried a cold brew in the height of summer you really need to add that to your bucket list, but if you mention instant coffee to the kiwi masses, you will likely have a few noses turned up at the thought. A hot cuppa joe seems to be the way of things in the US or a Frappuccino - even they have made it here to little old New Zealand! However you like your brew, coffee is something we at Steens feel the need to celebrate. This delicious morning ritual that every coffee lover enjoys in their own special way.

The 1st of October is International day of Coffee, so in an ode to this delicious drop, we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite ways with this roasted bean beverage.



Raw Tiramisu Blender Cake

The perfect treat for your afternoon caffeinated beverage break, this raw cake is everything you would expect from a traditional tiramisu, and more! With a crunchy chocolate base, a melty middle and a creamy top, all you need is a blender and you can have this ready for afternoon tea in no time!

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Matcha Affogato

There’s nothing easier (or yummier) for an after dinner pick me up, than an affogato. The rich, creamy shot of espresso poured over a sweet, creamy ball of matcha ice cream is the perfect combo.

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Mocha Bubble Tea

A refreshing energy boost that you can easily enjoy on the go, mocha bubble tea is our go-to tipple on sunny fall days. Just make sure your straw is wide enough to suck up the little chocolate balls!

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Pumpkin Spice latte

Using a portion of Steens Pumpkin Spice Paste (a must in every freezer at this time of year), this creamy spiced pumpkin latte is quick and easy to make and contains no preservatives, no refined sugar and no artificial flavours.

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The Classic Plunger

The ‘get me out of bed’ morning ritual. A steaming cuppa joe, sweet and creamy. Take one cup of black coffee, add your milk and dissolve a heaped teaspoon of Manuka Honey through your brew and enjoying in the warmth of bed!

Manuka Honey makes the ideal natural sweetener due to its natural immune supporting properties. Use as a refined sugar replacement to ensure you're eliminating nasty additives, overly processed foods and artificial colours and flavours. Shop our Anytime Range of Pure, Raw Manuka Honey from New Zealand and taste the difference for yourself.

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