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Our top 10 Honey Recipes of 2022

Another year has been and gone, and we definitely enjoyed every mouthful of it! 2022 has been another challenging one in a line of a few challenging ones of late, so it’s good to look back on special memories special moments, and special little delicacies that brought you happiness and health.

All our recipes are designed to nourish your body and mind, and ensure that you stay in optimal shape to keep you enjoying life, regardless of what gets thrown your way. In the Steens office, all but one of us have experienced Covid first hand, and we have all felt very lucky to have a supply of ultra high strength Manuka Honey to support our immune systems, soothe our sore throats and sinuses, and give us a much needed energy boost when we have needed a bit of help getting out of bed after the spicy cough took hold.

Our philosophy is ‘Food is Medicine’, so when we became sick, our go-to foods were taken from the Steens Blog as tried and trusted substance when we needed as many nutrients as possible.


We’ve rounded up our top ten recipes from a year when we all needed a bit of TLC and natural goodness.

Melon Burrata Toast with Chili Honey
The flavours in this recipe are just a joy to taste, and the chilli honey jam keeps in the fridge for a week. Perfect for drizzling on anything and everything!

Blueberry Walnut Breakfast Cake  
The perfect recipe to make and keep in the pantry or freeze and enjoy defrosted whenever you need some sustenance.

Easter Buns Recipe
These buns were one of our absolute favourites and even though we made them for easter they’re too good not to enjoy throughout the year. Sticky, sweet and spicy goodness.

Avocado Smoothie Bowl
Chocka block full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and flavour, these chocolatey smoothie bowls are sweet, creamy and cool on your throat.

Lemon Honey Ginger Syrup
The ideal immunity boost – Manuka Honey combined with fresh ginger and lemon. Stored in a jar and used in warm drinks, cold drinks, and dessert toppings.

Gut Friendly Pickled Cabbage
A delicious accompaniment to any meal that aids digestion with methylglyoxal packed manuka honey, apple cider vinegar and fibre rich cabbage.

Crispy Carob Fudge Slice
A goodie to keep in the cupboard for snacking on, the combination of cacao and carob makes these textural bites not too sickly sweet.

Cashew Satay Dressing
Smother any protein with this sauce to make it 100% more-ish and irresistible. An excellent alternative for those with peanut allergies.

Magnesium Rich Breakfast Super Bowls
Designed to provide maximum magnesium through food, these super bowls are a go-to for breakfast when you’re not feeling your best… And when you are feeling your best too!


If you're all out of honey, don't forget to stock up with our 100% raw Manuka Honey complete with bio-available bee bread, pollen and wax particles. Unpasteurized, no fine filters, and all ethically and sustainably sourced from the shores of beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand.



The Steens Team x

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